Municipal Services

Additional Services

Special Events

As part of the flexible and proactive services that we offer to our customers, FCC often assists at special events in the local area such as festivals, community and charity events and carnivals.

An example of where FCC has provided such services is in Telford and Wrekin, where a local school arranged an event on the Wrekin, a prominent and well-known local geographical landmark, marking Remembrance Sunday in November 2015. FCC provided an off-road vehicle and driver which was used to transport equipment, catering supplies, less able-bodied residents and even a live band to the summit of the landmark. We also assisted with the collection and removal of waste produced through catering at the event as part of our services to the Council.

Out of Hours

As part of FCC’s flexible and dynamic service to its customers, we offer an on-call out of hours emergency service. On municipal contracts, this may include responding to clean areas following events such as flooding, storms and car accidents, at the request of the local authority.

During the Worcester floods in DATE, FCC provided a mechanical sweeper and street cleansing crew from its Wychavon contract to assist with the clearance of flood-related material in the City Centre after the floodwaters had subsided. This service was requested by Worcester City Council as part of its contingency arrangements and FCC’s out of hours service was able to respond promptly.

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