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Lincolnshire EfW

Lincolnshire County Council’s Waste Services Department was awarded planning permission for an Energy from Waste (EfW) facility at North Hykeham in 2009

This 90 seconds time-lapse photographic sequence of the construction of the Lincolnshire Energy from Waste Plant was recorded over the period September 2011 to June 2013.

The facility started burning waste on August 5th 2013, has completed the testing period and is now operating as per design. The EfW will now dramatically reduce the amount of waste that Lincolnshire residents currently send to landfill. It can treat 150,000 tonnes of residual household and commercial waste each year and, as a result, generates 11.24 megawatts of renewable electricity for sale to the local network. This is the equivalent amount of electricity required to power 15,000 homes.

The Lincolnshire EfW employs 33 people.

FCC Environment are proposing to develop facilities to treat, recycle and dispose of waste materials arising from the EfW facility and planning and Environmental Permit applications have been prepared and submitted for the following proposed developments:

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Who is FCC Environment?

FCC Environment, a leading UK waste management and energy recovery company, is part of FCC, the international environmental services, infrastructure and energy group.

FCC Environment's business focus is the delivery of integrated waste management solutions to meet national, regional and local needs for local authorities and commercial companies. The Company operates facilities for the reception, recycling, disposal and recovery of value from waste, and also manages a wide range of recycling sites on behalf of local authorities for use by the general public.

What is being proposed?

FCC Environment has been successful in securing Lincolnshire County Council’s long-term (25 year) residual waste contract. To fulfil the requirements of this contract, FCC Environment's solution for the management of Lincolnshire’s residual waste comprises three main elements:

  1. The development of an Energy from Waste (EfW) facility on land off Paving Way, North Hykeham for the treatment of residual waste.
  2. The development of an Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) recycling facility on land owned by FCC Environment immediately adjacent to the Lincolnshire EfW facility. This facility would receive bottom ash from the Lincolnshire EfW and other facilities for processing into aggregate capable of widespread use in construction projects. It would also recover metals from the IBA to be sent for recycling.
  3. The development of an Air Pollution Control Residue (APCR) pre-treatment facility on land owned by FCC Environment at the Company’s Whisby landfill site. This facility would pre-treat APCR arising from the EfW and other facilities before it is disposed of within specially constructed part of the landfill which would be developed under the site's existing planning permission.

What involvement does the local community have?

As part of its pre-planning consultation processes, FCC Environment consulted with local residents and businesses about its proposals for an IBA Recycling Facility at the North Hykeham Landfill Site and an Air Pollution Control Residue (APCR) Pre-Treatment and Landfill Disposal Facility at Whisby Landfill Site. Information about both of these proposals has been provided by way of newsletters, public exhibitions and the project website.

Feedback received from this pre-planning consultation process has been given due consideration and used to help inform the content of the final submitted applications.

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