Materials Marketing

Here at FCC we have plenty of recycling facilities, but what happens to the waste once it has been separated and baled? Our Materials Marketing Department take over and work hard to find a suitable use for all the recyclable materials.

We have a dedicated team to manage the placement of recycled and recovered materials into UK and International Markets. FCC Environment captures waste from over 100 recycling facilities throughout the UK.

We work with charities to recover any waste that has a re-use potential.

Some examples of how our waste is used:

Paper (newspapers and magazines)

Paper is collected from the sites and taken to a paper mill, here they are reprocessed into Newsprint for the British market.

Steel cans from MRFs

Steel cans are baled and collected from our facilities by a reprocessor, the cans are then melted down and used again in the steel industry.

Plastics bottles from MRFs

Plastic bottles are baled and collected from our sites by the reprocessors.

Once collected the bottles are sorted into their polymer categories before being flaked and washed.  When they have been extruded back into their original polymer they are used within the UK and European plastics industry e.g. PET drinks bottles are made into new PET drinks bottles. 

Years ago many materials where not recyclable but the recycling industry has come a long way, here are some great examples:

  • Carpets can be fully recycled into equestrian surfaces for race tracks and training arenas
  • Cooking oil from the home can be used to generate electricity and sold back to the National Grid to power our homes.

We are always looking for new ways to recycle the waste that we receive and with new research and technologies constantly being developed, we are able to send less and less waste to landfill.

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